17 & The IUD Is For Me

By Tamara

I’m pretty sure you have heard all of the talk about the IUD and if not, maybe the commercials that seems to be popping up more frequently. Have you considered the IUD? To ease your mind a bit I just wanted to share my personal experience with the IUD.

I first heard about it from a friend who was getting the IUD herself. I looked into further information about the IUD from a doctor in my school-based clinic. I was previously using the pill but I decided to stop because I wasn’t sexually active but then I was so I’d start again, but then I wasn’t so I’d stop, I think you get the point, I would start and stop using the pill, and of course with condoms. I couldn’t have been introduced to the IUD at a better time because it was just what I needed, a contraception that I didn’t have to worry about taking when I needed to. I chose to get Mirena after reading information from my doctor about it. I was definitely excited about lighter, fewer, and maybe even no periods over time too because I always had severe cramps so I killed two birds with one stone, and ultimate that’s why I didn’t choose Paragaurd.

Personally, Mirena works great for me because it is just what I expected because my body does have the common reaction although all people don’t. I eventually encouraged another friend to get the IUD but her experience is seemingly different even though we both have Mirena. I am trying to persuade her to not remove it because your body will get used to it over time because I will be devastated if she gets it removed. I really really like the IUD and I think it should be everyone’s first choice, especially if you are young and do not want children right now.

Some people are definitely hesitant but I assure you that you shouldn’t be because the procedure itself is a very swift one. You will experience uncomfortable cramping when it’s time to dilate the cervix to insert the IUD. The worst part of the procedure actually has nothing to do with the insertion at all, but the part where the gyn uses the duck lips. Definitely the most uncomfortable part but you will have to experience that anyway as you become sexual active and have to get cervical exams and pap smears. You’ll definitely feel fearless after experiencing the IUD though, it’s a great way to assure protection from unwanted pregnancy but of course you should still always use condoms to protect you and your partner against STis and HIV/AIDS.

To find out if the IUD is right for you, visit www.maybetheiud.org.