Eliminating Racial & Economic Disparities

For more than two decades, the reproductive justice movement, led by Black women, has pushed our nation to recognize the basic human rights we all share, including the right of all people to live their healthiest lives, people who can become pregnant to choose when and whether to become parents, and the right of every person to parent their children with dignity and in safety.

NIRH advocates for policies that move our society away from all institutionalized, accepted, or de facto forms of interference, discrimination, coercion, and criminalization based on reproductive health decisions. No one should face discrimination by or coercion from an employer, a school, or a government institution based on their choices for their own bodies including reproductive health needs or decisions, family status, pregnancy, or parenting. Moreover, policies must consider not just the range of care options for people, but the true experience individuals have when trying to access that care, and demand equity in that access – which can mean doing more, spending more, taking more time, presenting the care differently, if necessary, to bring care to those who are least able to go to it.

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