The Learning and Accountability Project (LAP)

The Learning and Accountability Project (LAP) is a project of the National Institute for Reproductive Health, which includes organizations and advocates across the reproductive health, rights, and justice spaces. LAP focuses on creating culture change in our movement, education for the public and movement advocates, and building strategies that support a landscape that centers marginalized communities who have historically — and currently — been left out of reproductive rights policies.  

LAP members include advocates, providers, scientists, and allies who are working towards policies that will let us achieve true reproductive freedom. This project is an opportunity to equip those who represent and come from communities most affected by abortion restrictions with the research and tools to empower them to wage a campaign against compromise while bringing expert voices across the country to hold the movement accountable. 


creating a body of evidence, data, legal analysis and opinion research that supports expansive policy thinking, including affirming stances on later abortion care;
calling for widespread divestments from status quo initiatives, and pushing for a movement-wide shift to invest in expansive policies that center marginalized communities;
building trainings that sharpen our legal and policy analysis, and ability to interpret polling data;
and most of all, creating a safe space for willing advocates to think boldly and strategize together about how to build just and equitable reproductive freedom policies.
launching public education and accountability campaigns;


National Institute for Reproductive Health
Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)
Dr. Colleen McNicholas
Abortion Provider
DuPont Clinic
Medical Students for Choice
Patient Forward
Society for Family Planning
State Innovation EXCHANGE


Media and Press


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