As Teenagers, We Get Bored

By Tamara

As teenagers, we get bored. This is the time when we make changes to ourselves and experiment with hair, make-up, styles, etc. I find it ironic that I do not like change: like when I come home and find that my mom has cleaned my room and I have a mini anxiety attack and flip out. Yet I crave changes like changing my haircut and color or rearranging my room, just trying anything different from my ordinary habits.

My latest project is veganism. I’ve noticed my friend falling into the vegetarian fad of the celebrities. I myself have been so tempted to follow just for the fun of it but reluctant because there was really no reason for me to go down that road. Now, I’m at this point in my life where there should be more for me to explore besides contrabands. It’s hard to find something constructive yet legal living in a city like New York for as long as I have. If I lived in a state where it would be legal to fire guns in open ranges, I’d be shooting cans off of fences all day long and build bon fires by night right out in my backyard surrounded by friends (that sounds so awesome right about now). I mean, I will be going off to college soon and the thought and work that the process involves is time consuming but I’m not at the point where it is exciting yet. I do not like the sight of raw meat and refuse to touch it (unless it’s cooked). I cannot help but think about what it once was, a living thing who could feel pain and emotion.

Being that I’m also extremely health conscious, becoming vegan is reasonable. I don’t plan for this “project” to have a set time period but for it to be a long-term thing, a forever thing. Before, I wanted to try it for the purpose of the vegan/vegetarian society, social reasons. That bothered me because of the fact that I have natural qualities of a leader, following doesn’t suite me well. It’s nice to take control and be active in a constructive manner. This feels right for me, I should have gone vegan a long time ago. I just feel better knowing that I have my own reasons for doing this and I actually feel like it’s a pretty private decision, well–not anymore. 🙂

Just to clarify what I mean by vegan, it’s a diet that consist of the exclusion of animal produced products like milk and eggs. To be vegetarian is to exclude meat from the diet but to consume animal produced products like dairy and eggs. Then there is pescatarian, which is to replace the meat in a diet with seafood. There are many subdivisions of vegetarians out there. This is why Google is so great!