Because Obviously, Women Don’t Enjoy Sex

By Morgan

Men in porn are often regarded as sleazy, chauvinistic, and vain, but there is no denying that they enjoy their professions because, well, why the hell wouldn’t they? Most of their male fans are, on varying levels, jealous of their extremely raunchy, active, and public sex lives, as well as their incredibly gracious endowment (seriously, female pornstars don’t know whether they’re supposed to have sex with them or feed them peanuts). No remotely libidinous boy or man would ever feel sorry for a pornstar with a Y chromosome because, after all, they are living the male dream: having sex, and a lot of it.

Female pornstars, on the other hand; well, guys certainly get off to them, but does anybody regard them as lucky? Whenever they come up in conversation, they are predicted to have been abused or molested as children, perhaps forced into the profession by a loving-boyfriend-turned-pimp, and are almost always beheld with sorrow.

Female pornstars- we tend to feel bad for them. God forbid our daughters develop anorexia after seeing how thin they are, and god forbid they start having sex after stumbling across internet porn.


Yes, I do believe that porn can be exploitative and often is, but is it not as exploitative to men as it is to women? Can boys not develop poor body images after watching men with twelve packs and twelve inch penises have rough sex with girls who weigh twelve pounds? Can male pornstars not feel incompetent when they have to pop Viagra every time they have to shoot a scene, or degraded when they are declined a job because his penis doesn’t suggest that he is part horse?

Lastly, can a woman not enjoy having sex on film as much as a man can? Perhaps the most degrading part of being a female pornstar is the fact that nobody believes that she could possibly be enjoying herself.