Do famous people break the law and get away with it?

By Omar

Do you all remember when Rihanna and Chris brown had a fight in 2009 that landed Chris in jail? Well, Rihanna had a restraining order against him and he was to have no contact with the singer, but recently the two collaborated on two new songs called “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up the Music”. When you have a restraining order there is supposed to be no contact and you cannot be in the same place as the other person. But I guess when you’re famous the rules change.

Many of you that are reading this think that she is “dumb” for having contact with Chris but statistics say that when someone is in an abusive relationship it takes them up to 7 times to leave the abuser. I think that Rihanna needs to open her eyes and see that she is working together with the man that sent her to the hospital.