Don’t Touch What’s Not Yours!

By Donte

no groping signRecently, throughout Queens and Brooklyn, there has been an increasing number of groping incidents. Police announced over the weekend that the number of attacks committed by men groping females has increased. As many as 20 women have been attacked since the shocking spree of incidents began on March 8. The attacks have taken place in Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Greenwood Heights, Sunset Park, Laurelton, Jamaica Queens, and Bay Ridge, police said. I’m advising all females to be more aware of their surroundings so that attacks of this nature can be avoided. However, I also believe that the NYPD should put more cops in these areas to reduce the risk of this sort of incident from occurring.

And for all you gropers out there, I advise you to stop touching females willingly without their permission. It’s 1) DISRESPECTFUL, 2) UNCOMFORTABLE for a random stranger you don’t know to inappropriately touch you. And lastly 3) an incident like this can be TRAUMATIZING for any female that this ever would happen to. To every groping man out there I have a question for you…How would you like if someone touched your wife, daughter, or your sister inappropriately? Think about it, make that a change.