It’s Anti-Bullying Week

By Theresa

“The bullying stopped when I claimed myself and proved that I wasn’t afraid. A lot of it was when I was hiding when I was younger.”~ Randy Harrison

I can relate to this quote by Randy Harrison because I once was a victim of bullying. Being a young kid who felt that hiding from the bully and not sharing my story would stop the pain but I was wrong. Keeping it to myself didn’t help at all. I was alone until one day I couldn’t take it any more, I stood up to the bully ready to fight and put a end to my pain. I was stoped by a teacher who later on became someone I would run to and share my story of being a victim of bullying to. I believe that things get better when you share and open up about things to others who are out there willing to listen and help. I also believe that if we all come together we can stop bullying and save lives.