IUD Teen Night

Below are two Peer Leader’s’ posts about TORCH Teen Night with special a focus on the IUD! The event took place on April 19th:

After planning for various days at Torch, the IUD teen night event was a success. Even though we expected more people than the people who attended, we got the purpose across which was to inform teens about the IUD and the myths that come from the media which limits TEENS to access this type of birth control. We informed the teens about all the types of birth control, how they should be used and how affective are they because everybody is different and not everybody is comfortable with one method of birth control and that is why there’s a variety. Not only did we provide information but it was interactive workshops where the teens had to create their own IUD ads that will attract teens and adults, instead of just adults and the purpose was to break the myths. I know my co workers and I enjoyed every minute of facilitating this teen night because we know people took a lot of new knowledge.

An experience that I would like to share would be planning IUD teen night with my fellow peer leaders. The part I liked most was the team work and thought put into planning it. We wanted the event to be full of facts to inform teens on various methods of contraception, but mainly the IUD. Therefore we targeted activities that would have teens engaged and also interact individually and as groups. After all, it worked out great and they enjoyed it.