Kaminsky Wins Skelos Seat, Giving Long Island Its Only Pro-Choice Senator

April 20, 2016
Contact: Christie Petrone, 646-520-3504, [email protected]
NEW YORK — The Committee for a Pro-Choice New York PAC today praised Todd Kaminsky’s victory in the 9th Senate District as a win for New York’s pro-choice majority. Kaminsky was elected to replace disgraced former State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, whose anti-choice views and obstruction have held New York women back for the past 30 years.
“Todd Kaminsky has championed women’s health, equality, and dignity as a member of the Assembly, and we’re proud to work alongside him in the Senate to protect and advance reproductive rights,” said Committee for a Pro-Choice New York PAC President Andrea Miller. “Kaminsky’s election helps to break the logjam in our State Senate, providing momentum toward the pro-choice Senate majority that New York women deserve. Nassau County mirrors the state in its overwhelming support of abortion rights and access, and the voters of District 9 will now be represented by a senator who truly reflects their pro-choice values.”