Less Sex, More Reality of Your Cause

By Sheniece

Recently I saw an advertisement with Angela Simmons and was confused by the message they were trying to portray. The only thing that was running through my mind was how nice her body looked. It turns out that the ad was about becoming a vegetarian and was sponsored by PETA. I noticed that many of PETA’s ads display people looking like they are posing for Play Boy or something. They use sex as a way to raise awareness about animal cruelty which is certainly eye catching but it can also take away the primary message of their cause. Instead of focusing on animal cruelty I end up looking past that message and just looking at the beautiful face. It’s important for organizations like PETA to try and connect with people in other ways than just sex especially when these ads would be seen by a younger audience. We want them to take action against animal cruelty not just to idolize their favorite celebrities.