Love has no face

By Anonymous

Someone help me, I can’t see,
I’m blind to what is clear and what is not supposed to be.

To see me ever leaving by holding what’s inside
The pain goes through my head and it’s ruining my mind

Lust is not Love and Love is not Lust
The way love is like something that doesn’t rust

The burning doesn’t matter when it all seems so nice
But down there you know that something is not right,

Tick Tock the clock keeps ticking away
Time you know that’s not going to stay.

Don’t be fooled by what your eyes tell you from what you see
In deception you don’t know the same from fake and reality.

Don’t objectify the people that are in your view
Cause you’re ruining your character, which you don’t want to do

What people don’t know is that love has no face
To any person among you, now love is something you can chase.