Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill Preys on the Underserved Women of America

September 20, 2017
Contact: Stephanie Reichin, 617.549.3745, [email protected]

Statement by National Institute for Reproductive Health President Andrea Miller

“Senate Republicans’ last-ditch attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act by September 30 would completely devastate access to critical reproductive health care in the U.S. The new bill would leave millions of women without coverage for birth control, maternity care, abortion care, or essential preventative care like cancer screenings and STD testing and treatment. The Senate majority didn’t get away with their destructive attempts to repeal Obamacare earlier this year and must be held accountable for this new attempt to rip essential health care coverage from our country’s most vulnerable.

“Like its predecessors, the ‘Graham-Cassidy’ bill preys on underserved communities. The bill would block Medicaid recipients from accessing Planned Parenthood’s services, leave the decision of whether or not to cover essential health benefits to the states and limit access on the individual market to insurance that covers abortion care.

“To some, this revival of the threat of health care repeal may feel like a bad recurring dream. For millions, however, this bill means life or death – it is a clear and present danger. Our U.S. Senators must oppose this heartless bill that will push health care out of reach for millions of women who rely on it. The National Institute for Reproductive Health will continue to arm states and cities across the country with the tools they need to pass legislation that safeguards access to abortion and contraception, regardless of what happens in Washington, D.C.”


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