National Institute for Reproductive Health’s Statement on Senate Judiciary Committee’s Divided Vote to Advance Brett Kavanaugh

September 26, 2018
Contact: Stephanie Reichin
E: [email protected]
C: 617.549.3745

NEW YORK, NY – NIRH condemns the affirmative votes by members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee to advance the confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. It is unconscionable that elected leaders could witness both the courageous testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and the unmoored actions, words, and demeanor of Judge Kavanaugh and conclude that the nominee is fit for a seat on the nation’s highest court.

Each vote affirming the advancement of this nominee sends a chilling and heartbreaking message to sexual assault survivors. Each vote affirming the advancement of this nominee is an endorsement of an imminent rollback of many of our most fundamental rights and freedoms.

The call for an F.B.I. investigation by some U.S. Senators is a testament to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s bravery in telling her story to millions – including to 11 Republican Senators, all men, who were too cowardly to directly engage with Dr. Blasey Ford.

We renew our call for Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination, and urge the full Senate to reject this nominee in the name of integrity, decency, and fairness for the generations to come.