NIRH Applauds Converge’s Reproductive Telehealth Platform in Mississippi

DATE: May 11, 2023
CONTACT: Maria Landron, [email protected]

Reproductive Health Platform, GetPersonal, Will Provide Access to Free and Low-Cost Reproductive Health Services Like Low-Cost Birth Control for Mississippi Residents 

This month, Converge, a Mississippi-based organization dedicated to ensuring people across the state can access high-quality, patient-centered reproductive health care, has announced the launch of its new telehealth service, GetPersonal, designed to expand affordable access to contraception for those least able to afford it. In response, the National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH), a leading reproductive health advocacy group that engaged in a multi-year partnership with Converge to advance equitable access to contraception, has released the following statement: 

“Everyone, regardless of their economic status or ability to obtain health insurance, deserves access to reproductive health care. NIRH applauds Converge for launching GetPersonal, a telehealth platform that addresses the financial and physical barriers that too often make reproductive health care inaccessible,” said Andrea Miller, President of National Institute for Reproductive Health. “GetPersonal will meet the needs of thousands of residents in Mississippi, a state with some of the nation’s highest maternal and infant mortality rates and poverty levels, by providing virtual access to safe, confidential, and affordable reproductive health care. In a post-Roe reality where abortion is banned in Mississippi, access to these critical health care services are crucial in order for people to be able to have at least some ability to make reproductive decisions and preserve their bodily autonomy. 

“Amid rising attacks against our reproductive freedoms, GetPersonal is a reminder of the important and proactive role organizations on the ground play in protecting and expanding access to reproductive health care, particularly in states hostile to reproductive freedom. This telehealth service is the type of necessary initiative NIRH has supported throughout its history. Converge is a testament to boots-on-the-ground organizations that continue to push for solutions that center people who have long disproportionately shouldered the burdens of accessing care — people of color, people with low-incomes, and people in rural communities — and do so even more in this post-Roe world.” 


The National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) is an advocacy group that works directly with state and local reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations to protect and advance equitable access to reproductive health care. Our strategy is to go on the offensive to pass laws that safeguard reproductive freedom. NIRH partners with communities to build coalitions, launch campaigns, and successfully advocate for policy change, so the fabric of reproductive freedom is harder to tear apart.