Trump-Pence Rule Aims to Push Both Birth Control and Abortion Care Out of Reach for Millions of Women

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Statement from National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) President Andrea Miller

New York – Today, as was expected, the Trump-Pence administration released its rule to make it illegal for Title X clinics to provide or refer their patients for safe, legal abortion care, forcing providers to withhold information about pregnancy options from their patients.

The following is a statement from NIRH President Andrea Miller:

“Today the Trump-Pence administration took an extreme, unconscionable, and unprecedented step to not only push abortion out of reach, but to make it harder for women to access the full range of family planning care. The intent here is clear: to dismantle the Title X program as we know it, robbing women of access to reliable, trustworthy medical care such as birth control, STI testing and treatment, cancer screenings, and well-woman care. This rule is the latest attack on women who already face tremendous barriers, particularly low-income women, young people, and women of color.

“The National Institute for Reproductive Health will do all it can to oppose this rule and will continue to provide states and cities with the tools they need to mitigate its devastating impact – by using their budgets and regulatory powers to step in where the federal government is failing, and by passing proactive legislation that advances reproductive health, rights and justice.”


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