Nobody is Pro-Abortion

By Morgan

To be pro-choice is not to be pro-abortion. There is no such thing as pro-abortion.

When a husband takes his comatose wife off of life support, that does not mean he wants her to die. When a mother takes care of her sick child, that does not mean she derives pleasure from the vomit of her kin. Every day, people do things that are hard for them, things that they don’t want to have to do, things that make them question their moral codes and their priorities. Every day, people have to make decisions that impinge on their lives not just for that day, but the entirety of their lives. These decisions, within the parameters of the law, are our own prerogatives, as we are the only ones who are equipped to understand our very own unique circumstances.

Abortion is not something that anybody enjoys or takes pleasure in, but are a necessary reality nonetheless. Abortions are personal, emotional, and pragmatic. Abortions have to do with quality of life, both for the pregnant women and for the zygotes that are provided with the controversial fate of never being given life, versus being given a life that won’t be able to treat them well, and that might not allow them to thrive.

One might say that adoption is a superior and ethically sound alternative to abortion. Is this so? Millions of children around the world are homeless or living in orphanages or foster homes, and the vast majority of them will never be adopted. Are there not enough children in this world to pick from? Is it better to have more neglected children in this world than it is to terminate pregnancies in their first trimesters?

There are innumerable circumstances that contribute to women’s or couples’ choices to have abortions, but the take home point is that it is nobodies first choice. Nobody gets pregnant with the intention of having an abortion- the choice to have an abortion is never taken lightly, and is a personal choice that is very difficult to make.

Nobody is pro-abortion.