Blue Mountain Clinic

The Blue Mountain Clinic is a full family practice health care clinic that provides patient-centered, family practice and primary care services to the local community through a choice-based perspective. Blue Mountain Clinic strives to provide feminist-based approaches to health care, education, and advocacy in the region. Essential activities to fulfill this mission require visible advocacy on the local level to improve policies that have a negative impact on patients’ economic and political access to health care.

The upfront cost of stocking LARC devices is one of the greatest barriers health care providers face to offering same-day access to LARC. These constraints are particularly hard on people living in large, rural states like Montana, who must often travel hundreds of miles for any reproductive health care. After conducting research on potential models for an efficient and sustainable LARC supply chain in 2019, Planned Parenthood of Montana and Blue Mountain Clinic are working to pursue feasible avenues to increase access to same-day, peri- and post-abortion LARC device insertion for patients who choose this method.