Tewa Women United

In 2015, NIRH worked with Tewa Women United to strengthen its successful A’Gin Healthy Sexuality/Body Sovereignty Project in the Tewa Homelands of New Mexico, an interactive curriculum that fosters healthy decision-making about sex and sexuality among Native tribal youth. Tewa engaged youth facilitators and incorporated a youth advocacy component to its work, which enabled young Native leaders to publicly demonstrate their support for comprehensive sex education Youth leaders with the A’Gin Program increased the number of schools in which they offered their sex education training, and developed and presented two workshops for New Mexico’s largest grassroots youth conference, Organizing Youth Engagement (OYE) Conference.

Tewa Women United is also part of a cohort a cohort of organizations that makes up the State Infrastructure Project New Mexico, a long-term proactive abortion policy and culture shift project to develop and advance an abortion rights vision, engage a new and broad base of supporters, and reduce shame and stigma by publicly promoting the affirmative value of abortion in women’s lives.