Prime Time Win

By Chelsea

A few weeks ago, ABC premiered the first episode of the new Grey’s Anatomy season. In this particular episode one of the main characters, Christina, decided to have an abortion. At first, she had only the support of her best friend. Her choice put a lot of tension and strain on her relationship with her husband. However, at the end of the episode Christina’s husband gave her all of his support as well.

Most television shows shy away from characters actually having an abortion. It’s either not shown, there’s the last minute change of heart, or something goes wrong with the pregnancy. In this case, neither of those things applied. Owen went with Christina to her appointment and held her hand through the actual procedure. The fact that Grey’s Anatomy did something that almost no other television series will demonstrates its bravery. It showed a particular medical procedure that is legal and safe.

Grey’s Anatomy is a very popular TV show and it was very bold of them to do this. Hopefully, in due time, other television series will be a little more open-minded.