Shahs of Sunset Premiered This Weekend

By Tamara

It’s very rare, but I actually got the chance to watch some TV this weekend. I started off watching Real Housewives of Atlanta when the premiere of a new show came on afterwards. In my oblivion to what shows are even on TV anymore, I watched Shahs of Sunset. I found it particularly interesting because it’s a reality show of the lives of a group of Persians. I initially thought the ethnic group to be more religious so it intrigues me to see how Americanization affects different cultures who have migrated to America. The only thing that I am a little concerned about is the fact that I don’t know what the original Persian culture is like so these TV personalities will be seen as representatives of their culture. I am aware and conscious of this thinking enough to avoid generalizing the Persian culture based solely on this show, it isn’t some History Channel or textbook, but people will watch and run with what they see.

People are not to blame for the way that they think but the nature of their surroundings are. Have you seen Shahs of Sunset? What do you think about it as far as this cast being representative for their Persian/Iranian community? (If you missed the premiere, here’s the trailer of the show.)

Clicked the link? Comment and share how you feel about the opening itself and I’ll share more of what I think.