“What did you say?”

By Amy
We are so influenced by the gender roles society gives us that many of the things we say are based on this strict role without being conscious of it. Often, when words come out of our mouths that really are based off of this gender role, we offend those around us who are part of the LGBT community without us being aware of it. I have the perfect example to show just what I mean. The quotes are based on a real event between teenagers. Of course, not all of the quotes are exact but I will try to keep it as original as I can.

Kate: Oh, do you guys watch the show “How I Met Your Mother?”

John: I love that show!!

Kate: Me too!  It’s one of my favorite shows.

Tim: I love the character of Neil Patrick Harris.  In the show, he’s just so manly, picking up girls at the bar and sleeping with them. But in real life, we all know he is not really a man.

Kate: Cause he’s gay.

John became very offended

Tim saw John’s reaction.  He felt bad and didn’t know what to say so he walked out of the room.

After a couple of minutes, Tim walked back in.

Tim: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.

I have to admit that being conscious of what we say is very hard, especially since we have been taught certain ideas ever since we were young. We all know that being different is very hard, but imagine how hard it is being a part of the LGBT community. We have to put more effort into being conscious of what we say and make sure that we help others become conscious as well.