Bullying Gone Way Too Far

By Tamara

As I was getting ready for school Friday morning, I performed my morning routines checking myself out in the mirror as I tuned into Z100. To my surprise, they were reporting a story about a 15-year-old girl who deliberately jumped in front of a bus, committing suicide on December 27, 2011. Her name was Amanda Cummings and she was a victim of bullying. What continues to shock people all over is that Amanda is still being bullied after her death. A memorial page was set up for Amanda and people posted disturbing messages, videos, and pictures mocking her death. Amanda’s Facebook posts had shown signs of her depression, directly saying that she would end her life.

The line was already crossed at bullying itself. I would have never imagined that it could be taken even further into mocking someone after they have taken their own life because of what you have done. I viewed some of the comments and posts that people left on her wall, and even if Amanda hadn’t taken her own life, saying such things is unacceptable. It is never a laughing matter when someone wishes death on you and especially when someone wishes their own death. This happened right in Staten Island, right in New York. As a teen of the region, I feel ashamed and embarrassed that young people who bully people to such extremes are representing all NYC teens. These teens are proving stereotypes about teenagers to be true. I’m pretty sure they all have consciences and the better judgment to know that bullying is wrong and even when someone else is doing it, that doesn’t mean that you have to jump on the bandwagon and follow suit. People are born as individuals to contribute what greatness they possess to the rest of the world. They shouldn’t be put down or ridiculed for what they are and you can learn from them and them from you.

Another disturbing part of this story is that a popular social network, Facebook, is being used to bully people. The site was made to socialize, have fun, and share information to be shared with the world and your selected friends. Facebook workers have launched their own anti-bullying campaign on the website acknowledging the problem.