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NIRH is built around a diverse, passionate group of advocates and policy makers that shape the work we do. With a range of experiences, backgrounds and identities, we wake up everyday to better reproductive justice.

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Join our team to help advance reproductive freedom with partners on the ground in states and localities across the nation. At NIRH, you’ll work with a group of talented, dedicated, and caring individuals who are passionate about creating a world where reproductive freedom is a reality for all. At NIRH, we believe in the principles of race equity and reproductive justice, and understand that systems-level change is required to end inequality, unearned privilege and uneven access to power.

Our Board


  • Abigail Schumer, Board Chair
  • Antoinette Danvers, MD, Secretary
  • Janet Yearwood, Treasurer


  • Anna Berent, JD
  • Jill Braufman
  • Daniel Gonzales, ex officio
  • Meika Hollender
  • Jennifer Justice
  • Kathleen McHugh
  • Nancy Silverman, emerita
  • Dolores M. Smith
  • Sharon Weinberg
  • Dr. Jen Welter