Gun Positive

By Chelsea

Ever since the Aurora theater shooting in Colorado, there have been gun debates all over the country. People have been going back and forth about what could’ve should’ve would’ve happened that terrible day. Lots of “what ifs” have been thrown around. It’s a very controversial and sensitive topic. Some people believe that the shooter, James Holmes, could have been stopped if someone else in the theater had possessed a gun. Others say that no one should own guns because they’re too dangerous and people won’t or don’t know how to use them. They believe that gun laws should be restricted, that it’s time to crack down. They have been talking a lot about the cons of guns, which got me thinking. Why is it that firearms have a negative connotation? Why do so many people oppose them? In the CNN article, “5 Things Gun Owners Want You to Know,” there are many valid points as to why guns are beneficial and can also be positive. For starters, some gun owners feel and accept that it requires responsibility. There are hunter safety courses, shooting workshops, special trainings, self defense classes, etc. that they attend. Some people grow up around hunters or shooting sportsmen and learn that guns are “vital tools for survival and have a special culture attached to their use.” They can be used simply for recreational purposes, and not as in let’s Xbox 360 it up. Almost all children today are exposed to violent video games that more often than not are centered around shooting something and getting points for it. I personally agree that due to this, kids have been desensitized to what a firearm actually is and what it does. It’s possible that if families emphasized firearm safety, there would be less firearm incidents. I think that we definitely do need to crack down on laws pertaining to guns. It makes sense for a young woman living alone in a bad neighborhood to own a gun for safety reasons. It does not make sense nor should it be acceptable for someone who struggles with depression or PTSD to have a gun in their possession. And in response to the crazy thought that James Holmes could have been stopped if someone else shot him, how much blood are you willing to shed? It’s bad enough that you have some lunatic with a gun out here shooting at people, but you want to send someone else out to shoot? In a dark theater? Where a large amount of people are roaming around? Yeah…not your best idea. It all comes down to the fact that people need to understand that owning a gun is a privilege. We all need to work together to make sure that people understand the purposes of them and use them safely. I absolutely agree that “there is so much fear surrounding this issue and I think mutual understanding and respect can replace this fear if people try.”