Community Education and Advocacy Workshops in North Carolina  

Policy Win
Expanding Abortion AccessEliminating Racial & Economic Disparities

In early 2024, NIRH staff facilitated two days of workshops with our partner El Pueblo. It is critical to El Pueblo that their community, largely immigrant and/or non-native English speakers, fully understand and feel connected to the reproductive inequity facing people in North Carolina.  NIRH created workshops that were responsive to the range of experiences and beliefs about abortion of the participants. The workshops covered an overview of North Carolina state government and how legislative change is made, the abortion policy and access landscape, the intersection of abortion access and criminalization and maternal health, and values-based messaging training with opportunities for participants to take what they learned and put it into their own words. Participants left feeling as though they had learned a lot and felt that NIRH was very welcoming and grateful to be in their space and indicated that they are better equipped to engage around abortion access. El Pueblo hopes that participants will take these learnings to engage in community and policy advocacy at the local and state level.

 From one participant: 

“Disfrute el leer la diapositivas, esta realizadas de manera didactica y de facil entendimiento e inspira a seguir buscando mas informacion para compartirla a la comunidad y buscar romper las barreras del prejuicio.” 

Translation: “I enjoyed reading the slides, they are made in a didactic and easy-to-understand manner and inspire you to continue seeking more information to share with the community and seek to break the barriers of prejudice.”