Parenting Paradox

By Morgan

Yesterday I was on the train when I overheard a teenage boy talking to his friend about gay parenting. He said “I think it’s fucked up when two men or two women try to raise a kid. Their child is bound to end up fucked up.”

His friend replied “Word. If I didn’t have a mom and a dad who raised me I don’t think I would have ended up normal.”

The boy who initiated the anti-gay parenting rant dissented, saying “don’t say that man. That’s fucked up. I never met my dad…he left my mom before I was born!”

Was something lost in translation?

I grew up in a broken home. Most of my friends grew up in broken homes. We are all perfectly functional members of society.

Not despite, but rather in spite, of what I just said, I would have rather have had two moms or two dads who loved each other than two parents of opposite sexes who couldn’t reconcile their differences, any day.