Bold Futures

Bold Futures leads policy change, research, place-based organizing, and culture shift by and for women and people of color in New Mexico. In 2013, Bold Futures participated as a leader in the Respect ABQ Women campaign, which successfully defeated an Albuquerque ballot measure that would have banned abortion after twenty weeks.

Beginning in 2016, Bold Futures and NIRH partnered with Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) to increase access to LARC in New Mexico while preventing coercion. Through the lifetime of the partnership, this coalition, which also has included the ACLU of New Mexico, Southwest Women’s Law Center, and the New Mexico Perinatal Collaborative, came together to engage in strategic advocacy and education around LARC, including addressing unique barriers of a rural state.

Beginning with the formation of a statewide advisory working group, chaired by Bold Futures, to address administrative barriers, the coalition successfully advocated for the debundling of LARC reimbursement from the global rate received by federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), trained providers and hospitals on implementation of immediate postpartum LARC, and ensured that private insurance companies were covering LARC as required by law.

In 2019, the coalition also further ensured access by successfully securing increased Medicaid reimbursement rates for LARC insertion and removal twice in the span of the year. The work of this collaboration centered communities of color as decision makers and partners and created a sustainable plan to train providers on addressing implicit bias and reproductive coercion.

Bold Futures is working as part of a cohort of organizations in New Mexico on a long-term initiative to develop and advance an abortion rights vision, engage a new and broad base of supporters, and reduce shame and stigma by publicly promoting the affirmative value of abortion in women’s lives.