Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Incorporating LARC provision into primary care is a core component of improving the delivery of family planning services. Recognizing that not all primary care providers will be able to provide LARCs directly, the Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology at Brigham & Women’s Hospital worked in 2017 to identify challenges in the referral system for LARCs within the hospital’s network and to develop an efficient and effective referral process to ensure timely, patient-centered access. Brigham & Women’s Hospital’s extensive network of affiliated community health centers, private clinics, and hospital-based primary care practices provided an opportunity to work with a variety of governance structures, insurance provider systems, and health care delivery models. By identifying and addressing barriers to high-quality LARC referrals within this large and diverse group of primary care providers, this partner could define the elements of high-quality LARC referrals and determine how to create and implement such a system.