Desert Star Institute for Family Planning

The mission of Desert Star Institute for Family Planning is to create equitable access to reproductive health care for womb bearing people while centering Black and Indigenous people of color.

NIRH is committed to helping the reproductive justice movement in Arizona continue to grow, build its capacity, and form a formidable power bloc in the state. NIRH is supporting Desert Star Institute for Family Planning (DSIFP) in their collaborative work with Arizona Birthworkers of Color (AZBOC), Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro (BLM PHX), Black Phoenix Organizing Collective (BPOC), Black Political Cultivation Arizona (BPCAZ), and the Rooted Doula Collective (RDC), to create a shared curriculum on reproductive justice and legislative action. This initiative will fortify and expand community doula resources and mobilize impacted community members to action in rapid response moments during and after the 2022 legislative session.