Pro-Choice Maryland

NIRH partnered with Pro-Choice Maryland to establish Reproductive Justice Commissions in one city and one municipality in their state. Modeled on the successful campaign that established an RJ Commission in Atlanta, also an NIRH partnership initiative, these RJ Commissions consist of community-based activists, direct service providers, policy advocates, and others with lived experiences who will develop policy recommendations to promote positive sexual and reproductive health outcomes in their communities. As envisioned, the RJ Commissions have the potential to address important local issues such as the harmful and deceptive practices of anti-abortion pregnancy centers, supporting pregnant and parenting youth, promoting menstrual equity, and addressing the pregnancy-related needs of incarcerated or detained individuals. In 2022, NIRH is working with RJ Inside to continue this work. In 2009, Pro-Choice Maryland successfully advocated for first-in-the-nation passage of ordinances requiring crisis pregnancy centers to disclose the limited nature of their services in Baltimore City and Montgomery County.