Women’s Law Project

The Women’s Law Project is a nonprofit public interest legal organization working to defend and advance the rights of women, girls, and LGBTQ+ people in Pennsylvania and beyond.

In 2009, they created a guide to passing successful clinic safety zone legislation for local advocates based on successes in Pittsburgh and hosted a conference for clinic escorts in Pennsylvania to discuss their work and share best practices.

In 2010, the Women’s Law Project assisted the city of Pittsburgh with implementation and enforcement of their new clinic safety ordinance and built support in Philadelphia for implementation of a similar ordinance.

In 2013, the Women’s Law Project campaigned against a bill to ban abortion coverage on the state health exchange and worked to advance a proactive Pennsylvania Women’s Equality Agenda.

In 2015 NIRH worked with the Women’s Law Project to respond to abortion provider harassment in their home state of Pennsylvania and the city of Pittsburgh, developing guidelines for state and local police departments to assist them in addressing and averting the persistent, targeted harassment of abortion providers.