Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund

2019 was a landmark year in proactive legislation that safeguards the right and access to abortion, starting in January with passage of the Reproductive Health Act. It was also a landmark year in anti-abortion blowback and misinformation about abortion. Opponents of abortion, stoked by President Trump’s lies about abortion, began spreading lies and misinformation in an effort to push their anti-abortion agenda and halt similar progress in other states. In Vermont, lawmakers passed VT H 57, Right to Abortion, recognizing that each person has a fundamental right to make decisions about reproductive health care, including abortion. NIRH thought it was important to spread correct information about this law as a buffer against anti-abortion misinformation campaigns that had plagued other states. NIRH teamed up with Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund to launch a public education campaign that included Facebook, Twitter, and Google search ads to feed people accurate information about this bill, and direct them to trustworthy sources for information and care.