Reproductive Justice Inside

Reproductive Justice Inside is a statewide project in Maryland to address the needs of systems-involved individuals seeking quality and timely sexual and reproductive healthcare in order to engage in authentic family planning and parenting with dignity.

Reproductive Justice Inside (RJ Inside) works with and for systems-involved individuals to improve their access to quality sexual and reproductive healthcare. In 2022, NIRH supported RJ Inside in developing two new reproductive justice-focused task forces based in Baltimore City and Montgomery County in Maryland based on the Atlanta RJ Commission that NIRH helped to establish in 2019. The task force language has been approved by both Baltimore City and Montgomery County and, through this process, 5 more cities and the state of Maryland are all interested in creating Reproductive Justice Task Forces. These task forces will be staffed by community-based activists, direct service providers, policy advocates, and individuals with lived experiences with the topics pursued by the task forces. NIRH will be continuing our work with RJ Inside in 2023 to finalize task force membership, build operational agendas, and finalize priority focus areas. RJ Inside is also involved in the statewide effort to pass a proactive Reproductive Freedom Protection Package, and NIRH will support advocacy efforts around that bill’s passage.