Progressive Abortion Bills Passed in Colorado

Policy Win
Expanding Abortion AccessEliminating Racial & Economic Disparities

In 2023, NIRH worked with a coalition of organizations in Colorado, including Cobalt, COLOR, New Era, and Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains to advocate for and pass a progressive package of bills focused on ensuring safe access to abortion in their state. After the fall of Roe, the abortion access environment in the United States changed drastically. Colorado found itself a key access state as surrounding states began restricting or banning abortion care. States hostile to reproductive rights have not been content with prohibiting abortion within their borders; they seek to impose their restrictions on all states and criminalize providers. Further, the proliferation of anti-abortion centers (AACs) means the reach of dangerous misinformation related to accessing abortion care is widening in Colorado. The package of bills protected patients and providers from prosecution, decreased the cost of reproductive health care, and prohibited anti-abortion centers from using deceptive tactics targeted at pregnant people seeking abortion. The bills were signed into law by Governor Polis in 2023. NIRH was a key member of the coalition in an advisory capacity, offering support with drafting, advocating, and organizing around this package of policies.