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Expanding Abortion Access

Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade in 2022, California has sought to be a leader for abortion access, but anti-abortion opponents are trying to change that – starting with Los Angeles.

Last summer, anti-abortion operatives worked with members of the business community and elected leaders in Beverly Hills to block the opening of a new abortion clinic – DuPont Clinic. For years, DuPont Clinic has provided high-quality and compassionate abortion care in Washington D.C., and they decided to open a new clinic to expand care in Los Angeles. The City of Beverly Hills was one of the few areas of the city that was willing to lease to the clinic. But the same Beverly Hills City Council that passed a resolution affirming a person’s right to abortion actively held up permits for the clinic and allowed extremists and fear-mongering to supersede access to care. If a well-respected abortion clinic can’t open in Beverly Hills, what does that mean for those in Los Angeles and the rest of the state?

Let’s be clear: The right to abortion only exists if people can actually access it. Anti-abortion extremists won’t stop at intimidating one landlord in Beverly Hills. We must come together to stand with DuPont Clinic and make sure this extremist behavior isn’t tolerated anywhere in Los Angeles ever again.

Join the Los Angeles Abortion Support Collective and the National Institute for Reproductive Health in the fight to protect and expand access to abortion in Los Angeles and the entire state of California. We support DuPont Clinic! 

We’re fighting for a California where every person has control over their reproductive decisions. That means access to the care they need, when they need it – including abortion care at any point during pregnancy. 

NIRH is proud to partner with the Los Angeles Abortion Support Collective,  a volunteer-led-and-run collective of trained doulas who provide free abortion support services to people across our city.

Sign our petition today to let the City of Beverly Hills that you support increasing access to abortion clinics and they should to.

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