Securing Abortion Funding in Chicago

Expanding Abortion AccessEliminating Racial & Economic Disparities

Chicago is an epicenter for abortion access, given its status as a major metropolitan city in the Midwest and its geographical proximity to states such as Indiana, Iowa and Missouri, all of which are considered hostile to abortion access.

Following the successful strategy that NIRH and advocates in New York City, Austin, and Portland have set, NIRH is working with the Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF) to identify and implement local policies that will expand access for Cook County residents and those traveling to Cook County to receive care.

While recent legislative victories in Illinois have resulted in expanded access to reproductive health care, including abortion, policy gaps still leave abortion care out of reach for many individuals. With the right to an abortion under direct threat nationwide, we’re working to ensure that Cook County is a place where access is a reality for anyone who would otherwise face financial or logistical barriers to abortion care. This project is a collaboration with All* Above All.