Our Justice

Founded in 1967 by a small group of doctors, clergy, and community members to assist Minnesota women in accessing abortion care – Our Justice works to provide people with the resources they need now, while also advocating for policy change that would make these resources more available and remove many of these challenges altogether.

In 2022, Our Justice built strong relationships with local elected officials in Minneapolis and St. Paul, resulting in meaningful wins for abortion access int heir community. Following the leak of the draft decision in Dobbs, Our Justice passed a resolution in support of abortion access with unanimous council support. Their public campaign for local funding for abortion resulted in the mayor including a $300,000 budget line item for abortion access in the city’s final budget. This work led to a new relationship with officials in Hennepin County, who unanimously passed a budget amendment allocating $500,000 to fund reproductive and gender affirming care.  

In 2023, NIRH supported Our Justice as they advocated for increased Medicaid reimbursement for abortion care, ultimately resulting in a 20% increase in the Medicaid reimbursement rate. Throughout this work, they also built deep relationships and expertise within the Minnesota state legislature. Drawing upon this expertise, Our Justice continued its advocacy for deeper public investment in abortion care and abortion infrastructure in the state, an important access point for abortion in their region, throughout the remainder of the year.  

In 2024, NIRH is working with Our Justice to make improvements to Medicaid to guarantee equitable and accessible coverage for patients seeking abortions and financial sustainability for clinics. Through our partnership, we intend to establish equitable reimbursement rates and secure additional funding that will allow providers to extend care into the second trimester through proactive legislation. NIRH will provide strategic guidance to Our Justice to ensure the most effective next steps in achieving our goals.