ACCESS REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE (ACCESS RJ) removes barriers and builds the power of Californians to achieve reproductive justice. Despite the few legal restrictions on abortion in California, thousands of people still find it nearly impossible to act on these rights or obtain reproductive health care without a struggle. ACCESS RJ believes that reproductive rights are meaningless when you don’t know where to get birth control, no abortion provider accepts your insurance, you are afraid to seek prenatal care because of your immigration status, or the closest clinic is hours from your home.

NIRH is partnering with ACCESS RJ to advocate for municipal funding for practical support for abortion care in Los Angeles County.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ACCESS RJ has witnessed increased needs from its callers, including those from out-of-state who are unable to access abortion care in their home states. This project will further establish California as a “safe haven” for abortion access at a time when Roe v. Wade is under threat, and ensure that every Californian and others who seek care in the state are able to access abortion care without financial barriers. This partnership is a collaboration with All* Above All.