Whole Woman’s Health Alliance Minnesota

Minnesota is a state with the potential to address a core inequity in access to reproductive health care – cost. In 2022, NIRH is supporting Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, a non-profit organization committed to providing holistic reproductive care for its patients, to educate legislators on the implications of low Medicaid reimbursement rates on abortion provision in Minnesota. The purpose of the initiative is to establish equitable reimbursement rates that allow providers to extend care into the second trimester while also remaining financially viable, providing access to underserved populations, with a direct impact on low-income people and people of color.  In 2021, NIRH supported Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, and Whole Woman’s Health of the Twin Cities’ new clinic in Bloomington, Minnesota, as they engaged in multiple strategies to keep patients and providers safe, create a culture of respect and support for abortion access, and fight abortion stigma in the state. The collaboration between NIRH and WWHA will included pursuing policy change and efforts to build a sustainable community to support abortion access in Bloomington.